Providing Hope & Love For Children Of War


The Need

The needs are great. Nearly 1,000,000 orphans and a similar number of widows in that region of the world. Their status means that they have no community and are left vulnerable to indoctrination by extremists and human trafficking. Orphans of War is working with indigenous groups to bring help where it’s most needed, creating safe places, establishing clinics, arranging for humanitarian aid distribution, trauma care, legal intervention for children in detention, and intervention for street and trafficked children.


"There are nearly 1,000,000 orphans and a similar number of widows in that region of the world."

— Jonathan Webb, FOUNDER


Orphans of War seeks to provide hope & love for children of war by addressing their physical, spiritual and emotional needs, and by providing opportunities for restoration and reconciliation. Our desire is to encourage and empower out trusted partners to support not only children affected by war, but also their families and communities.

Our Mission

  Jonathan Webb, Founder and President

Jonathan Webb, Founder and President


Jonathan has been working in conflict areas since first going to Iraq as an Army soldier in 2003. God touched his heart when he saw the victims of the conflict suffer — he was haunted by a question: “How do I love my enemies and care for their widows and orphans”? Seeking to be obedient, Jonathan began to look for ways to serve the Iraqi people. First in small things, then the projects began to grow. Jonathan believes God has opened remarkable doors. In the process he has earned the confidence and trust of Iraqi government and religious leaders as well as those Orphans of War is serving. Jonathan believes that by being courageous and doing what is right in front of us we can provide hope and love to a beleaguered part of the world and here at home. Won’t you join us?


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What does my donation support?

  • Humanitarian aid distributions through trusted partnerships
  • After school programming designed to prevent trafficking and recruitment to extremism.
  • Medical, Dental, Legal and Psycho/Social Aid Projects
  • Reconciliation

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Orphans of War
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